When travelling in Bulgaria and looking for an exciting trip or tour Plovdiv is a must-see city and a major cultural and economic center. There is plenty to see and do, from strolling along narrow cobbled streets and shopping to sightseeing and visiting museums, parks, and landmarks.

If you are a nature lover and are up for some hiking, Cave Snezhanka is well worth the visit. Situated some 40 km way from Plovdiv, the cave is included in the 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria and is undoubtedly a natural wonder. You will have the chance to see plenty of flowstones, sinter lakes, stalagmites, stalactites, and other rock formations. If you rather prefer to mingle with the crowd in Plovdiv, take a stroll along the cobbled streets in the Old Town. If you wish to join an organized tour Plovdiv based agencies have different Old Town tours on offer. The area itself houses an architectural reserve and many small shops that sell handmade artifacts. You will also have the chance to see well-preserved ruins such as an ancient water-supply system, historical buildings, and fortification walls. Notable Roman sites that are not to miss include the forum, Roman Stadium, and Roman Theatre.

And if you still have more time to spend around, whether self-exploring or on a tour Plovdiv is the home of many mosques, churches, museums, and other points of interest. The Natural History Museum features interesting botanical, mineral, and paleontological collections as well as an aquarium and terrarium. The museum houses expositions that feature butterflies, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, fishes, and invertebrates. The Museum of Aviation is another interesting place to visit and is situated just 12 km away from Plovdiv. You will have the chance to see 56 aircraft types and explore collections showcasing flags, uniforms, decorations, and aviation equipment and engines. If you are still up for a cultural tour Plovdiv offers endless opportunities to get immersed in history, urban life, and culture. Go see the Philharmonic where names such as Sviatoslav Richter and Dmitri Shostakovich once performed. Founded back in 1881, the Plovdiv Drama Theatre is in itself a landmark and the first professional theatre to open doors in Bulgaria. The theatre has been awarded numerous awards, among which the Plovdiv Award for Contribution to Theatre and the Icarus Award for Debut. Many festivals and events take place on an annual basis and gather party folks from all over Bulgaria and abroad. The Old Town Festival and the Rock Festival are certainly not to miss.