One of the most popular destinations in Germany is Munich and its surroundings represent the town to travel to with the camper. Start your cultural journey at best at Nymphenburg Palace. Here you can park the caravan just outside the castle, and from there onwards take a walk in the accompanying gardens. If you like to visit other castles, you can take a trip to the Royal Castle in Fussen, whose murals are particularly worth seeing. If you are with the camper in the Munich area, you should take your set of wheels on each trip and each looking for new spaces to visit as many attractions as possible.

Sightseeing in Chemnitz

If you want to enjoy culture and simultaneously make a trip in the mountains, also a visit to Chemnitz, one of the most famous destinations in the vicinity of the Ore worth. Amidst the town center there is the famous Karl Marx Monument, which is anchored on a base at a height of 13m. Even the Red Tower, the oldest building in town, built of fire-red stones is worth seeing. With the camper you quickly and easily to all destinations. If you are at Christmas time with the caravan in Germany on the road, you should try the traditional Chemnitzer stollen or the tasty Quarkkeulchen.

Trip to the Erzgebirge – Destinations of Chemnitz

Low mountains and natural border between Bohemia and Saxony offers the Erzgebirge one of the most popular destinations in Germany. During the trip to the Erzgebirge, you benefit from an impressive panorama that the Fichtelberg and Keilberg presented as the highest elevations of these mountains. You can park at one of the designated campsites caravan and go hiking in the mountains. A very popular destination is the shank’s mare is; there you will find a well-marked trail that takes you through the landscape of the Erzgebirge.